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Use of S7BlockProtectionManager

1. It will be safe to make a backup copy of your Step7 project before you work with the “S7BlockProtectionManager” on it. I never had problems with the “S7BlockProtectionManager”, but with a backup it is a 100% save way.

2. Before you run the “S7BlockProtectionManager”, close all applications which work with your Step7 ® project files (S7 Manager, S7 Editor, Protool, etc.)

If you start the application and your SIMATIC Manager is still running, then you will get the following Error message:

3. On the first run of the “S7BlockProtectionManager” you will see a window with some terms in it. You have to agree to all terms, to be able to run the application.

4. To open a project file, press File | Open Project in the menu or press F1 on the keyboard or press the following button:

A window with a file dialog will open. There you can select a project file. Then a list of all block folders the selected project will be shown in the following window:

If you have more than one S7 program in your project, you will get a full list of all block folders contained in your project.

5. Select one block folder, and then the list of all contained blocks will be shown in the window like the following:


6. Select the block you want to set or remove the “KNOW_HOW_PROTECT” protection and press Unlock or F2 to unlock the block. Press Lock or F3 to lock the selected block.

If you want to lock ore unlock all the blocks in the selected block folder, then only press Lock All or Unlock All. This will set or remove the protection on all blocks at the same time.



Copyright © 2004 Andreas Elsensohn